Super Lucario

First enter this code:

94000130 FDFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E00007A0 000000EC
00000001 651B0000
97902D1B 237E84D8
29AF25D1 DD4A01D9
A789AC7C E5D03781
50D42DD2 DC8BE73C
A6B21C40 854517B2
7F58C11C C11FB856
8355E406 F91CF0EE
85194769 45B73487
44A458F6 AF642B05
064E6AAA 8DEA7538
7C44752E 8D86DC8A
0E0F73D1 774581B2
46D6508C 70D46B49
3D818F21 E8585112
3DD2CAA3 55FDB273
AC2141C6 1C50D28A
B54F7A04 345E491D
DDAE0FCA 92F95736
223B7937 2B1BA63E
7DBEC167 006E4E6B
C32A2FD8 FD182D54
1445EF82 D793BB96
8BD4CE98 A85758D7
EC74D431 26D85409
68A98C29 C1B333EB
D8372D49 062303D5
474E9945 00000000
E000C370 00000088
00000001 6A550000
DD6BF3A4 EA760C53
776292B8 4AEA0ADA
12BDD475 8AB99565
38A49387 412C86C3
3F300675 34A7FCFC
5BC4D295 67F39F7F
16636954 48D635C2
4CF31388 C0FC0CDC
1D4D7460 D6929944
2114D31E 9DE140FB
DE8C0332 BE60DCD0
E85D1969 04E22CC1
24104F05 5B3C29F6
051CBAF4 14222DBA
D2000000 00000000

Now select it and start the game. Put a bad Pokemon as your last Pokemon in your party. Now press L+R. If you look you should see a totally MAXED OUT Lucarion with everything. :-O

(Note: This code is tested and working)


~ by pokemonactionreplaycodes on June 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Super Lucario”

  1. Hi!! Question!!! Do you make these codes or do you get them from other sites? and also if you do make these codes can you make me a lucario with blaze kick??? I just cant get a lucario waith blaze kick. thnx

  2. um do u know the code for prinplup and monferno for heart gold thx

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