Super Mew

First enter this code:

94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000304 000000ec
40b340b1 0cd80000
C1edca68 7e479159
F8c6c1ae 31853dc3
Fc74d01b e3c7a176
E5554565 c3efb6d7
3a662ea4 05f116e9
99f3b5b9 f6094ede
41f03afb ea8d5946
64c6009f b501fe3a
1e55bdcf 736e7503
Cc29600d 4d444406
47976d26 3b51db17
3017d7d1 76d364b7
21cdcf8b ba4d6041
6d85ea44 f4ff52be
A17bd28b f1cc8ec3
12aa0ed1 4fc9b7c5
59f023ee 7f32cb78
34d98e9c dff9a303
B0d05216 f479e0b9
8c0758c4 3f3890b1
F8101828 0c039f08
13fd5ef7 af0cd8b1
1e17d8d7 5e87c40d
12d6b09b 735963f9
7ebbf4e9 010e270e
995ca31d f9108723
Fdc07c6d 4d161d16
93ec094d c4da2ccb
7fbd6f14 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Now select the code and start the game. Make sure you only have ONE (1) bad Pokemon in your party because this WILL get rid of all your other Pokemon. Now press L+R. Now you should see in your party a Mew Level 100 with 80 Ribbons (which will let you get into the Resort Area) and Maxed Out Stats (All 999). Oh it also has Pokerus.

(Note: This code is tested and working)

(Note: The Mew may or may not be Shiny)


~ by pokemonactionreplaycodes on June 21, 2007.

9 Responses to “Super Mew”

  1. Is the mew a egg

  2. I don’t get it- I got a “bad egg”. What does that mean? Did it work?

  3. for those who want mew you have to go into your box and then press l and r

  4. this took me FOREVER to put in, and i hope it works…

  5. i have three mews and they are great

  6. mew lover a bad egg destroise the game do not hatch it

  7. All I get is a bad egg, am I doing something wrong?

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